Welcome to Classic Annuals. This is a Fan site. Looking back to the beginning of the 1/25th scale model kits of the cars from the golden age of the American automobile.

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The information here is to the best of my knowledge is correct.

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Jan 23 2022 Completed 1964
May 5 2020 Added Video Page and You Tube channel
Nov 5 2019 Completed Promos 1960-70
Sept 7 2019 Completed Promos 1949-59
Aug 30 2019 Completed 1963
Aug 21 2019 Completed 1962 Worlds Fair
Aug 15 2019 Completed 1962
Aug 3 2019 Completed 1961. Added subscription link
July 30 2019 Added Kit lists
July 29 2019 Completed 1960
July 26 2019 Completed 1959 and About.
July 25 2019 Completed 1958,AMT visit 1961 Pages
July 24 2019 Started site


Well after building web sites for others. I decided to make one on my hobby.

This is my personal story about how a model and 1:1 car nut was made. Continue reading “About”

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