As one who builds stock 1962 was the best year ever. Never again would you see such a variety of makes and models available. Hubley bows out with their last annual, A 1962 Ford Country Squire wagon. Jo-Han delivers the convertibles promised last year. Revell enters the annual market. AMT adds the new for 62 intermediates and SMP dissolves and issues no 1962 kits. Well sort of…

1962 AMT AD

On July 19 1961 SMP (Scale Model Products) A division of Detroit Plastic was sold to AMT for a total of 225K ( In 1961 Money). All the former makes that SMP released in 1961 would be released as AMT kits in 1962. However some boxes were made up for the 1962 Valiant and Imperial Convertible were labeled as SMP kits. The instructions said AMT and later issues had AMT boxes.

1962 SMP box that shouldn’t be

AMT continued to offer a 1960 and 3, 1961 kits in 1962. I remember buying the Ranchero kit in the summer of 1962. These kits continued to sell well.

1962 Styline box showing 1960 and 1961 models available.
1962 Corvair Styline Kit. Price dropped to 1.89 in 1962 from 2.00 for 1961 styline kits

Starting in 1961 George Barris , Well known Hollywood kustom (His use of the K in custom) car creator, was chosen to design and promote the custom and stylized versions of the annuals. Budd Anderson was added and dubbed ” The Kat from AMT”. Car Craft Magazine added model car sections as well as The Kats monthly updates.

I always build in a suit and tie, Don’t you?

A look at the kits in 1962 Cont.

1962 Kit List


Full size cars and trucks.(all with engine)

K112 Ford Galaxie 500 Sunliner Convertible
S122 Ford Galaxie 500 Hardtop
K132 Ford F-100 Truck (W/Trailer)
K162 Ford Fairlane 500 Sedan
K212 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster
S222 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop
K312 Mercury Monterey Convertible
K322 Mercury Monterey Hardtop
K362 Mercury Meteor Sedan
K412 Lincoln Continental Convertible
K422 Lincoln Continental Hardtop
K512 Buick Electra 225 Convertible
S522 Buick Electra 225 Hardtop
K612 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
S622 Pontiac Bonneville Hardtop
K712 Chevrolet Impala Convertible
S722 Chevrolet Impala Hardtop
K732 Chevrolet Apache Pickup ( W/Trailer)
K812 Imperial Convertible
K822 Imperial Hardtop
K912 Corvette Convertible
S922 Corvette “Hardtop”
K6012 Pontiac Tempest LeMans Convertible
K6022 Pontiac Tempest LeMans Hardtop
K7012 Chevy II Nova Convertible
K7022 Chevy II Nova Hardtop

Styline (Engine for display)

S1062 Ford Falcon Futura
S3062 Mercury Comet
K5042 Buick Special Wagon
S7052 Corvair Monza
S8062 Plymouth Valiant Signet

Jo-Han (Some with engine)

4062 Studabaker Lark Hardtop
4162 Olds F-85 Hardtop
4262 Rambler Sedan
4362 Rambler American Hardtop
4462 Plymouth Fury Hardtop
4562 Dodge Dart Hardtop
4662 Chrysler 300 Hardtop
4762 Olds Super 88 4 door Hardtop
4862 Cadillac 4 door Hardtop
5062 Studabaker Lark Convertible
5162 Olds F-85 Convertible
5262 Rambler American Convertible
5362 Plymouth Fury Convertible
5462 Dodge Dart Convertible
5562 Chrysler 300 Convertible

Revell (All with engine)

H1250 Plymouth Valiant V200 4 Door Hardtop
H1251 Plymouth Fury 2 Door hardtop
H1252 Dodge Dart 4 Door hardtop
H1253 Dodge Lancer GT
H1254 Chrysler Newport Convertible
H1255 Imperial Crown 4 door Hardtop

Metalflake (All with engine)

H1260 Plymouth Valiant V200 4 Door Hardtop
H1261 Plymouth Fury 2 Door hardtop
H1262 Dodge Dart 4 Door hardtop
H1263 Dodge Lancer GT
H1264 Chrysler Newport Convertible
H1265 Imperial Crown 4 door Hardtop