Promos 1960-70

Although the subjects covered in kit form really expanded for 1960. The friction/promos had the most variety. 2 door hardtops, convertibles, and in some cases 4 door hardtops and station wagons. Even pick up trucks.

1960 AMT SMP friction models available.

Starting part way into the 1961 run. AMT/SMP changed over to non warping cycolac plastic. This move blessed us with some very unusual subjects that didn’t warp. JoHan followed in 1964. For 1962 AMT started reducing the friction subjects while expanding the kits. Only in 1962 AMT issued promos of the Impala, Chevy II and Ford Fairlane with opening hoods and assembled engines.. You have to wonder how many collectors passed these by thinking they were fake.

1962 Flywheel (Friction) ad.
Models of 1962 Auto Show This is an unpublished photo of model cars featured at the Auto show of 1962 at McCormick Plaza in Chicago on a display table at the entrance to the Auto Show. February 1962.

Besides auto shows promos were used as awards. Some like my 1962 Ford dealer award were gold plated and mounted om a black walnut wall display. Ford did this from 1961 through 1966. Some came with AM radios and were meant for desk display. Some had the award stamped in the plastic or stickers.

1962 Ford gold car award

Throughout the 1960’s many unique promos were made. Some like the 1963 Ford Galixie XL hardtop came in the formal roof line the same as the 1:1 car. For 1963 1/2 Ford dropped the formal roof line ( XL trim only) in favor of a much better fastback roof needed for NASCAR. The Kit , which came out later, had the fastback roof line. Not sure why ,but many 1963 and 1964 flywheels had the wrong wheels on them. I personally brought a flywheel 1964 Impala convertible in 1964 that had 1963 Thunderbird wheels

1963 Ford Galaxie XL promo (Left) and kit body (right)

Another example is the 1964 Pontiac Tempest. Both Hardtop and convertible promos were of the Tempest LeMans. However the first out convertible kit was of the LeMans, But the later released hardtop kit was of the GTO. In 1965 , The only way to get a convertible of a Pontiac Bonneville, Olds Delta 88, Buick Wildcat or Chevrolet Corvair was to get a promo. 1965 was also the first year MPC released promos. They were the 1965 Dodge Monaco and Polara 500 Convertible. Many times a promo was the only version period.

Promo only 1964 Rambler Classic and 1968 Imperial

Promos still played a big part in the automotive companies use at auto shows ,dealerships and in ads.

1965 Chevrolet dealer display. Promos cut in half and bolted from the back

Starting in 1965 AMT offered 6 make choices. All molded in one color only. Jo-Han stated offering different color interiors.

1966 Frictions

For 1966 Ford was going to offer the 1966 Mustang with separated taillights. At the last moment, Ford went back to the 1965 units. However the advertising department already had images of the prototypes with the separated taillights and had to re-shoot the images for sales brochures and ads. This also caused AMT to issue promos based on the prototypes.. Only the 1st runs got out this way. This might very well be the rarest promo made , unless you count marble. (see tab).

1966 Prototype Mustang GT
Set up of the 1967 Oldsmobile display done for review at GM
1968 Ford ad. These are most likely 1:43d

Promos are still being used today , but the glory days were the 1960,s.