For 1959 AMT /SMP added to their line up. JoHan entered the kit market. AMT started to expand past annuals to 30’s and 40’s Fords To capture the hot rod market. The hobby started to really grow.

1958 6 Makes available.
1959 10 Makes available

The AMT/SMP kits added many more customizing parts for 1959. Continental kits were added. Customizing was very popular in 1959 and the kits reflected this. Racing got a roll bar added. Red molded tail lights became more common. Chassis now got full wheel wells. Like 1958 The boxes were the same for all convertibles and hardtops with the make stamped on the ends. This proved to be a mistake as the stamps were hard to read and faded quickly. The resold 1958 kits were also stamped the same way. Each kit got its own instruction sheet.

1959 Thunderbird Instruction sheet
Page 2

JoHan’s 1959 kits were very much like AMT/SMP 1958 kits. Only issued as hardtops. And were 2n1. With stock and custom building types. Chassis were flat with no wheel wells . No Engine but they did come with interiors. Which some of the JoHan promos of the time did not. Also as with JoHan promos the subjects were not always the models you’d think they would pick. 4 makes were introduced. Plymouth Fury and Dodge Custom Royal were 2 door hardtops. The Oldsmobile 98 and Cadillac Fleetwood were 4 doors hardtops. All used the same box with the make printed on the ends.

So for 1959 We went from 6 makes to 14 makes of new cars to choose from plus added Hot rods and even a boat from AMT.

1959 AMT ad Image courtesy of Claes Ericsson
1959 AMT/SMP Ad Image courtesy of Claes Ericsson

1959 Kit List

1-CK Ford Galaxie Converible
1-HTK Ford Galaxie 2 Door Hardtop
1-TCK Ford Thunderbird Convertible
1-THK Ford Thunderbird Hardtop
1-CK Edsel Corsair Convertible
2-HTK Edsel Corsair 2 Door Hardtop
3-CK Mercury Park Lane Convertible
3-HTK Mercury Park Lane 2 Door Hardtop
4-CK Continental Mark IV Convertible
4-HTK Continental Mark IV 2 Door Hardtop
5-CK Buick Invicta Convertible
5-HTK Buick Invicta 2 Door Hardtop
6-CK Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
6-HTK Pontiac Bonneville 2 Door Hardtop
7-CK Chevrolet Impala Convertible (SMP)
7-HTK Chevrolet Impala 2 Door Hardtop (SMP)
7-CV Corvette Convertible (SMP)
7-CHK Corvette w/removable Hardtop (SMP)
8-CK Imperial Convertable (SMP)
8-HTK Imperial 2 Door Hardtop (SMP)

Jo Han
2359 Plymouth Fury 2 Door Hardtop
2459 Dodge Custom Royal 2 Door Hardtop
2559 Oldsmobile 98 Sportsedan 4 Door hardtop
2859 Cadillac Fleetwood 4 Door Hardtop