1962 Cont.

For 1962 AMT expanded on there offerings. Convertibles with engines were out first in the well known “pink” boxes for $1.49. Hardtops with engines were offered in 2 types. some were in the same size box as the convertibles and also at $1.49, but if you bought all of the makes available. you got a go cart. Other makes were offered in a bigger box. but not as large as the truck boxes, . These Kits were styline kits and offered stock custom and styling as 3N1 options. A Triumph motorcycle could be built if you bought all the makes. Cost was $2.00. Not sure why, but the Fairlane 500 and Meteor (Which were only offered as sedans) were in the convertible boxes. I have also heard reports of people opening 1962 sealed kits to find a different model inside.

1962 Fairlane 500 sedan in convertible box
1.49 style of 1962 AMT hardtop box. With go cart parts
Front page of instructions showing building options as well as features of the 1to1 car.

Silliness returned to AMT as they once again made racing versions for the Lincoln and Imperial kits. However no racing versions were offered for the Galaxie, Impala and Bonnieville hardtop kits. These were the cars actually used in NASCAR. But the 3rd option was stylizing. Well customs were king in 1962. You did get that cool motorcycle though.

2.00 hardtop instructions. Shows difference between custom and stylized.
Kit instructions included custom hints.

The $2.00 hardtop boxes first had end flaps styled like all the kits, with a drawing of a custom and a small black and white image of the stock car. Later a large color picture of the stock car was used. The Corvette “Hardtop” was the convertible kit with a custom top like that of the 1957 T-Bird. No stock hardtop was included. Both Corvettes did carry over the open trunk from the 1961 SMP kit. The Falcon and Comet came with a display box and a chrome engine to also display. The truck kits as well as the Buick Wagon were updated from the 1961 offerings. All the extra goodies were still included.

Feature packed Buick Wagon kit.

Jo-Han for 1962 expanded with most kits now having engines. Box styles were 2 types. One for convertibles and one for hardtops. More makes were added. Kits were still molded in color.

1962 Oldsmobile F-85 hardtop

In 1961 Revell offered very accurate HO scale plastic models of the 1961 Chrysler corporation cars. These went unnoticed by most car hobbyist as they were located in the HO train section of the store. For 1962 Revell came out with 1962 1/25th scale kits of the 1962 Chrysler corporation products. These were molded in color and were very close in look and feel to the Jo-Han kits. The interesting part was the subjects themselves. Most were mid trim level models and 4 doors. The only match to the other manufactures kits was the Plymouth Fury Hardtop. Plus Revell was the only one to offer the Dodge Lancer GT. Custom parts were minimal. Very much like the 1958 kits. They came in flat boxes with images of the car from Chrysler.

1962 Revell Plymouth Fury

Those kits were 1.49, but for 1.98 you could get them molded in metalflake. The plastic was color tinted clear with real metalflake mixed in. The idea was if you wanted to paint , you would from the underside. Made for a very interesting model.

1962 Revell Metalflake Plymouth Valiant V 200