Visit AMT 1961

See how those wonderful promos and kits were made.

A 1961 Ford is made from wood and clay. Done in 1/10 scale from factory plans and specifications provided by Ford
1961 Ranchero. Here you get to see how the final body will look.
1961 Ford Promo being removed from mold.
Chrome trees for Lincoln after plating.
1961 Comets being painted in factory color over colored plastic of similar color
After painting bodies go to infra-red baking ovens
Promo tires being made.
Promos being boxed.
Kits being boxed.

Bonus look at the 1964 Promos

1964 Ford XL Being checked. The most accurate car bodies ever made.
1964 Falcon leaves the mold.
1964 Falcons drying.
1964 Thunderbird being assembled.
1964 Thunderbirds being boxed