1962 Worlds Fair

On April 21 1962 the Worlds fair opened in Seattle Washington and AMT had an exhibit outside the food court.

Worlds Fair Flyer

Budd Anderson ” The KAT from AMT” was there as was the new Turnpike Slot car set. Along with many 62 Annuals.

Map of the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair

Here are 3 1962 Television ads promoting the Fair.

Yes I wish I was there.
Souvenir decal package from the Kustom Kornor

It would have been so great to have been there, But Ohio is a long way from Washington. AMT had a great location and I am am sure those who visited had a memorable time. If you were there and want to share your experience, Please use the comment section on the home page to send, and it will probably get posted here.

The Kustom Korner at the 1962 Worlds Fair
Inside the Kustom Korner with the Turnpike setup and a lot of kits.
Goodie bag from the Kustom Kornor

Slot car racing was becoming very popular and tracks were opening all over America in the 60’s. Other manufactures were making kits to adapt the Annuals into slot cars.

1961 and 1962 annuals modified into slot cars at a public track.
One of the kits to make a slot car from a 1961 Ford annual.

AMT made there own and improved slot cars and track called Turnpike. The cars were promos molded in a special more durable plastic. What made this set so special was you could steer the cars. It was the closest to real racing. But the cost and size plus the incompatibly of the cars with other tracks doomed the sets from the outset. I wanted one for Christmas but got the Aurora HO set instead. I am also sure a lot of kids had this turnout. Plus my parents get bonus points for going to O’Neils in Akron that had enough of a selection to get the Aurora set that had a 1960 Thunderbird and 1962 Ford Convertible in it. AMT did issue modified cars that would work on standard slot car tracks. I did finally get and restore A turnpike set, But never got to set it up.

Remaking my 1962 Christmas
Turnpike cars. Note Ford by AMT modified for standard slot car use.

Here is a very short video of someones turnpike set being used.

Some lucky turnpike set owner